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So, What Is Sourdough?

Sourdough is almost as old as all leavened breads. Back many years ago some would say it is around 6,000 years ago people realized that grains could be fermented to be used inside of drinks and after the humans figured that out they figured out it could be used to bake up inside of some bread. Many say that this kind of fermenting happened on accident a few times and no doubt this is true it took the pioneers of bread making to realize how to make the bread correctly to make sourdough. After the fermenting was learned later the fermenting process was learned more because the grains that were fermented could start up making more grains fermented too. Ever since this was realized humans started creating sourdough bread.

When fermenting grain and a mix of water was stored and then used for the sake of creating another dough batch that is how sourdough is made from that sourdough grain that was mixed with water then saved to make bread this is what creates sourdough bread. Sourdough is a leaven that is all natural but is thriving with bacteria and yeasts that create and make the bread leavened and make the actual flavor of the bread that is sourdough.

The yeast that creates the flavor for the sourdough thrives on different things like fruit and even grains and vegetables and also the ground and the air. Some bacteria that is used to flavor and create the sourdough is benign bacteria that won’t hurt you but not all researchers agree that eating bacteria is a good thing. For you to be able to figure out more what the sourdough is you need to figure out more what yeast is. Yeast is actually a plant but it is also a fungus plant it is 1 celled plant that eats sugar and makes ethanol and even creates some carbon dioxide and this dioxide causes the bread to go up in the oven by up I mean rising up.

The yeast plant inside of sourdough mix is in the same family as many bakers yeast and is named Sacchraromyces exiges. When making sourdough mix to start up a batch of sourdough bread the yeast as well as the lactobacilli need to work together and use each other and have that kind of relationship for the bread to come out good. You do not want the lactobacilli and yeast wanting to fight over the same resources of food sometimes yeast can even cause the lactobacilli to eat better. The lactobacilli makes allot of acid which is something the yeast can thrive in so they both help each other from time to time to make up the best bread.

Just like yeast the lactobacilli can help the sourdough bread to rise up the lactobacilli does the same thing yeast does eat sugars and produce both carbon dioxide and even ethanol. The acids in the bread cause the bread to come out some what sour hence the name sourdough.

The sourdough was created in ancient times but the term sourdough was coined in California around the eighteen hundreds. The people that lived inside of the 19th century would make their own bread and have to have yeast and bread starting materials to do so and this is something that happened allot before bakeries really started getting popular. There are stories that the gold miners would even sleep with their starting materials to make bread to get it from going cold and frozen. There were also stories of starting material for bread being passed down from father to son and son to son for years. The gold miners would get their food from San Francisco and this is part of where they got the bread with the tangy sour flavor which was called sourdough. Sourdough in present times is known as a starting material for bread.

The gold miners that bought the sourdough did not know that the ingredients inside the bread starting materials are what gave the sourdough the flavor of being sour. Yeast was partially responsible as well as lactobacilli but this is not something that was known to the gold miners of that age. In the time period of the nineteen seventies scientists figured out what was in sourdough and reported it so everyone could know.

Back in the miner days the breads that the miners would buy from the city of San Francisco was called sourdough but then after that the sour flavor was referred to as sourdough in the present day. The sourdough starting materials are what make the sourdough while the term sourdough is a America one it is used to name sour bread. That is the different between sourdough to one person and sourdough to an American.

One thing to note is that sourdough is not always going to have a sour taste but it can. The flavor inside of sourdough may come out to be wheat like flavor as well but could still be quite sour but could not be sour at all. The temperature of the baking materials and the grains and several different things are what makes the sourdough sour or not.

Due to the fact sourdough is not the term for all sour bread starting materials you will see it is not used to coin yeast and lactobacilli combination together. There are many different languages that have different terms for this starter just look it up and you will see. Besides the different names used to describe yeast there are different grains used which makes the starter materials different. Also the temperature at which the grain is saved in also can change the name of the bread also what kind of fermentation is used can change the flavor or name of the bread it makes as well. Sourdough starter is a leaven and is a mix of grains and water that is what a leaven is. Normal bakers’ dough is not a leaven it is just something different. So now you know what sourdough is so go taste some it could be the best thing you have ever eaten if of course you like sour bread or sourdough.